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Posted on Mar 8, 2013 in Armchair Reading

May 2013 – Armchair General: Hitler’s Eagle, Adolf Galland

By Armchair General

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  • Special Feature: History of Valor: The heroic history of the Medal of Honor, America’s highest award
  • Feature: 1838 Invasion of Canada: A small British ship stood in the way of American invaders
  • Battle Studies: Birth of Modern Warfare, by Ralph Peters
  • Battlefield Leaders: Adolf Galland, Germany’s WWII ace who led the Luftwaffe Fighter Command
  • Great Warriors: German Landsknecht
  • Hard Choices: Lincoln Chooses War, 1861!
  • Crisis Watch by Ralph Peters – “Trust isn’t a Strategy” – How false allies betray America’s interests abroad
  • Dispatchesreal heroes, destinations, special events and more




  • Special Feature: Truman’s Nightmare—America’s planned invasion of Japan faced daunting odds
  • Bonus Article: Forest Brothers—Lithuanian partisans opposed repressive Soviet rule, 1944-53
  • 10 Questions: John Hamilton—Exclusive ACG interview with the VFW’s commander in chief
  • Crisis Watch by Ralph Peters – “Cradle of Counterinsurgency” – Why humans are “hard-wired” to resist
  • Great Warriors: U.S. Army Combat Engineers, 1941-45
  • Battle Studies: Myths of Gettysburg—the truth about the Civil War’s greatest battle, by Ralph Peters
  • Forgotten History: The Kaiser’s Question, 1914—The fate of the world hinged on the answer
  • Battlefield Leader: Julius Caesar at War—His military skill won an empire
  • Interactive command articles in which YOU make the decisions! Battle of Trenton, 1776; Canadian Infantry Attack, 1944; and Battle of Minden, 1759

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