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Posted on Mar 12, 2011 in Armchair Reading

May 2011 Issue – Rommel! Birth of a Legend

Gerald D. Swick

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  • Cover Feature: Rommel! Birth of a Legend. What would you have done if  you were Rommel at Arras, France, in 1940?
  • Special Feature: Charisma and Victory. Ralph Peters explains that command "magic" comes in three forms.
  • Interview: 10 Questions for Rocky Bleier. College and pro football, the ambush in Vietnam that nearly took his life, and his book Fighting Back. Click here to read an extended version of the interview.
  • Feature: Bunker Hill to Baghdad. The story of military service in America
  • Feature: Men of Bronze. The combat valor of African-Americans makes history on WWI battlefields
  • Battlefield Leader: Bradley’s Best: "Lightning Joe Collins. The aggressive commander who won fame in two theaters of war
  • Great Warriors – Filipino Guerrillas, 1942–45
  • Crisis Watch – Why Doctrine Doesn’t Work
  • Dispatchesreal heroes, destinations, special events and more
  • Forgotten HistoryFacing Winged Death, 1944
  • LeaderNathan Bedford Forrest


  • Must-Read/Must-See Books and DVDs
  • Game Reviews
  • Mailbag – One reader’s views on what the U.S. might do if it captured Osama Bin Laden
  • Test your decision-making skills with interactive features involving Napoleon, 1815; Soviets in Afghanistan, 1981; and Rommel at Arras, France, 1940
  • Play It! Play the history you read; ACG‘s list of recommended wargames for all eras
  • Command Decision # 44: Soviets in Afghanistan, 1981
  • Command Decision # 42: Henry V at Agincourt, 1415 – Outcome and Analysis
  • ONLINE EXTRA: A Filipino Guerrilla’s Story
  • ONLINE EXTRA: FREE PC GAME! Download March to Baghdad, Episode 1: Decision at Tallil Air Base


  • Battle Studies. American Lions in Italy, 1918; the 332d Infantry Regiment
  • Special Feature: America in the Dark. America’s greatest threat revealed in a horrific doomsday scenario
  • Bonus Article: Patton’s Library. An inside look from Carlo D’Este
  • Extra Feature: Russell Volckmann: American Guerrilla.
  • Interactive command articles in which YOU make the decisions! Special Forces Scud Hunter, 1991; Rogers’ Rangers at St. Francis, 1759; Grant at Cold Harbor, 1864.

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