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Posted on Jan 11, 2011 in Armchair Reading

March 2011 Issue – Ike Invades Sicily

Gerald D. Swick

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  • Cover FeaturePersian Arrows – America’s Winning Iran Strategy. Ancient history shows what Iran is up to and what the United States should do about it
  • Feature: The Not-So-Great "Great Sioux War." Setting the record straight on the Indian Wars
  • History’s Mysteries: Who Really Sank the Bismarck? Did the ship’s commander intentionally lead Hitler’s most famous battleship on a one-way suicide mission?
  • Battle Studies – Battle of Narvik, 1940
  • Crisis Watch – AWOL in Afghanistan
  • Dispatchesreal heroes, destinations, special events and more
  • Forgotten HistoryAztec Disaster at Matlatzinco
  • Battlefield LeaderGeorge Rogers Clark



  • "Lightning Joe" Collins The best U.S. corps commander in the ETO
  • Special Feature: Charisma and Victory. Ralph Peters examines the "magic" of command. An ACG exclusive!
  • Bonus Article: Bunker Hill to Baghdad. Barnet Schecter looks at military service in America
  • Extra Feature: Men of Bronze. The combat valor of African-Americans makes history on WWI battlefields
  • 10 Questions for Rocky Bleier, Vietnam vet turned NFL star player. An ACG exclusive!
  • Interactive command articles in which YOU make the decisions! Rommel at Arras, 1940; Soviets in Afghanistan, 1981; Napoleon’s "Eyes and Ears," 1813.

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  1. How can I get an online copy of the article on George Rogers Clark from the March 2011 article?

    Thank you


  1. Hezbollah and Allies Force Lebanese Govt Collapse | Armchair General | Armchair General Magazine - We Put YOU in Command! - […] current issue of Armchair General magazine (March, 2011) includes the article "Persian Arrows: America’s Winning Iran […]