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Posted on Jan 23, 2008 in Armchair Reading

March 2008 Play It!

Armchair General

All our energy this month was dedicated to our 100 Greatest Generals competition.  Therefore, for Play It! we urge you to visit our forums and participate in the action!

Go to Action [Begins formally Feb. 1, 2008]


  1. Dear Frederick Baillergeon
    I really enjoyed your article on Hitler’s best General.I agree with Manstein’s thinking that he could have won the war for Hitler. I think Hitler should have listened to Rommel & Guderian also. I believe Hitler shouldn’t have attacked USSR or USA. He shouldn’t have bothered with the battle of Britian or the battle of the Atlantic. He should have provided Rommel with the panzers he requested & made the Mediteranian Sea a Nazi lake. Then the Jewish question could have be solved by immigration to Isreal instead of gas ovens. Coming up to Turkey he should have been careful not to offend Stalin in the Bosporus.He should have made hi tech a priority, such as nuclear bombs for his V1 & V2 rockets,jet fighter, not jet bomber, and use of radar & a defensive position at the English channel.Lots of men & equipment at the probably landing sights for D-Day & a large reserve army ready to pounce on the enemy when he attacked.This plan would have left him with lots of land for the Areans & still a large army & an oil field,as the pickings would have been relitively easy.

    Best Regards


  2. No offense but all I read was “He Should of” But never the less the “Hitler’s best General” was a good issue to read.