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Posted on Dec 16, 2009 in War College

MAP OF THE MONTH – World War I: Europe Plunges into War

By Armchair General

World War I: Europe Plunges into War animated map. Courtesy of The Map As History 

Armchair General has partnered with The Map as History, a company that produces outstanding animated maps with accompanying narration. Each month, a link to one of their animated maps will be featured on the ACG site.

This month it is World War I: Europe Plunges into War

Chancellor of the German Empire Otto von Bismarck predicted late in the 19th century that when war next came to Europe, it would be over "some damn fool thing in the Balkans." He was proven right in 1914 when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia after a Serb assassinated Franz Ferdinand, archduke and heir to the Austrian throne. Russia, honoring an alliance with Serbia, declared war on Austria-Hungary. The dominoes began to fall, and soon all of Europe was embroiled in The Great War.


This animated map shows the chronology of nations entering the war.

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