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Posted on Jul 25, 2007 in Armchair Reading

Love the magazine!!!

By Emery Gallant


Love the magazine!!! I’ve been getting ACG for a few months now, and I am totally hooked. Great content. I just went to Origins in Ohio last week and attended several War College seminars…Carlo D’Este in particular was amazing!!! I had never been to Origins (or any game convention, period), and I have you to thank; I saw the ad’ for Origins you had in an issue, and as soon as I saw Mr. D’Este was featured at the convention, I was there (and I had a great time gaming, too)! Thanks for co-sponsoring the event and War College.

I just saw an ad for ACG on TV (American Life station)….nice job, guys. It was very well done, and should definitely get folks’ attention. I’ve mentioned your magazine to friends, and picked up a complimentary issue at Origins for I friend in my gaming group that I’m sure will want to jump onboard with a subscription once he see’s it (I unfortunately don’t share my issues…as they are part of my library : )


Again, thanks for putting out such a quality magazine; and thanks for being part of Origins…I sincerely hope you’ll be a part of Origins again next year (I’m hooked on that to…what are you people doing to me, LOL!?!)



* * *

Hello Emery,

I was also at the War College at Origins.  I didn’t get to see as many of the seminars as I would have liked, but I did manage to get to all of Carlo’s talks.  I also got to stop by the Patton Tank Museum on my way home from the show, so it tied his Patton talk together very nicely. 🙂

I have the pics from the museum in our image archive;

Many thanks for supporting us,

Brian King
Website Editor | Armchair General