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Posted on Jan 17, 2012 in History News

‘Life’ Magazine Photographer’s Images from the Battle of Saipan

By Armchair General

The UK’s Daily Mail site has published a group of images captured by Life magazine photographer W. Eugene Smith. Most were taken on Saipan, but some other locations are shown as well. (Click here to see Armchair General’s recent piece on the Battle of Saipan.) Titled "Hell in the Pacific," the text of the Mail‘s article was written by Lydia Warren.

One well-known image in the group is that of Marine sergeant Angelo Klonis, a burning cigarette between his lips as he peers back over his shoulder toward the photographer, but most are images not often seen. Even the image of Klonis is accompanied by a less well-known image of him drinking from a canteen.


It’s an excellent collection of images, well-worth looking at despite—or because of—the intensity of war depicted in them.