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Posted on Apr 28, 2014 in Stuff We Like

Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War

Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War

By Armchair General

katusha-vol-1Here at ACG, we’ve reviewed favorably some of the graphic-novel-format histories written and illustrated by Wayne Vansant, such as The Graphic History of Normandy and The Graphic History of Gettysburg. Those reviews have been pretty popular, so we want to let our readers know about  his new series, Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriot War.

katusha-vol-2Check out Katusha‘s website and listen to a podcast on the Incoming site, which covers Marvel comics acclaimed series, The Nam; Vansant was the artist on The Nam for about five years.



  1. Oh, yes! Let promote some stalinist heroes and soviet imperialism just after Russia anected Crimea. Well done Wayne Vansant!

  2. You’ve got it all wrong – in fact, Katusha herself is Ukrainian and the struggle between her loyalty to her country and the need to unite to fight the Germans is a central theme of the book. These books are anything but an apology for Stalinism. Check out the Katusha website and the tumblr at for a free sample of Chapter One – you won’t be disappointed!