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Posted on May 21, 2007 in Armchair Reading

July 2007 Play It!

Armchair General

WHAT NEXT GENERAL? Washington at Germantown, 1778 Take charge in this interactive article based on the Continental Army commander in chief’s Revolutionary War battle.

You can command troops at Germantown using the boardgames Rebels & Redcoats Vol I (Decision Games) and Brandywine & Germantown (Clash of Arms Games) or the PC game Campaign 1776: The American Revolution (HPS Sims).

You might also check out American Conquest by CDV, For Liberty! by Matrix Games, Birth of America (AGEOD), and the boardgame Liberty (Columbia Games) to experience the American Revolution in a more general sense.  For a REALLY brief overview, check out a game called American History Lux ( which uses a Risk-like engine to recreate historical campaigns.


COMBAT! TACTICAL DECISION GAME U.S. Marines in Korea, 1950 Choose the correct course of action as outnumbered Marines face a powerful Chinese onslaught near the "Frozen Chosen" Reservoir.

Relive the ferocious fighting of the Korean war with Toktong Pass-Escape from Chosin (Critical Hit) or The Forgotten War: Korea (Decision Games). For the PC, look for Squad Battles 5: The Korean War (HPS Sims).

For The Operational Art of War III, try "Chosin 50", by Wild Bill Wilder.  The "Korea 50-51" scenario by Norm Koger also gives a good feeling for the Chinese attack.  For Steel Panthers World At War from Matrix, check out "The Chosin Few" by Wild Bill Wilder.