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Posted on May 6, 2005 in Admin

Jim Moreno

Editorial Staff

Jim Moreno

Title: Contributing Author
Hobbies: Wargaming, Sci-fi, fine cigars
Favorite Movies: NA
Background: Jim began life much like everyone else – upside-down, naked and screaming. A child’s life on a few Army bases in the early 1970’s sparked his interests in all things military & historical soon after. His junior high and high school years were filled with martial arts, Dungeons & Dragons, wargames, video games, and paintball, which served to only reinforce his military history knowledge. Following high school, Jim served about 10 years with the 82nd Airborne Division, including Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and another 4 years with the North Carolina Army National Guard, where he was trained to be a professional journalist/photographer/military historian.

Jim came to Armchair General from the Wargamer website, which he credits for starting his game journalist career.  His voluntarily assigned duties here include Game Journalist, the weekly WebOps column, co-writer of The Incorrect Art of War article, (super) Forum Moderator, and Alyssa Milano guru, among others.


Aside from his Armchair General life, he’s still involved in those activities mentioned earlier, along with enjoying fine cigars, books, movies, (disco) music, and exercise. Military history TV shows and the SciFi Channel just about round out his daily life. Jim currently resides in Decatur, Alabama, where you may on occasion find him upside-down, naked, and screaming.



  1. enjoyed your podcast interview on “How I WOW” nice job!

  2. I just listened to your interview on “How I WoW” and heard that you still use the Zul’Farak mask for RP reasons. I just wanted to bring “The Hexxer’s Cover” to your attention. It is another voodoo mask, but level 60 with more stats and more flashy in the same style. This is a drop from the level 60 20man raid Zul’Gurub. If you go there with a five man level 80 group you are likely to be having no problems dropping him.

    Cheers, Steph.