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Posted on Nov 9, 2009 in Armchair Reading

January 2010 Play It!

By Armchair General

101st Airborne
Computer gamers can hit the silk with several scenarios in John Tiller’s Campaign Series (Matrix Games). SCS Bastogne and Screaming Eagles in Holland (The Gamers/Multiman Publishing) match the airborne against the Nazis for board wargamers.

Marines in Korea
Go gung-ho with WinSPMBT (Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank) for Windows (Shrapnel Games). The Forgotten War: Korea (Decision Games) and Chosen, Korea 1950 (Strategy & Tactics magazine # 257) let board gamers pit U.S. Marines and Asian communist forces against each other.


Malaysia 1942
A downloadable shareware game, 1942 Campaign for Malaya puts PC games in the thick of the campaign, while The Tiger of Malay: The Fall of Singapore, 1941 – 1942 (Avalanche Press) puts board wargamers into the Bicycle Blitzkrieg.

March to Baghdad
FREE GAME! Download and play this free PC game, March to Bagdhad, Episode 1: Decision at Tallil Air Base, created exclusively for Armchair General readers by ProSIM.



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