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Posted on Mar 8, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Introducing Grunts!

Armchair General

Regular readers of this website may be familiar with my work for ACG. Over the last four years I’ve written nearly one hundred articles for the site, visited museums, battlefields, re-enactments, reviewed books, films, games and personally transcribed about 40 or so articles from my personal friend Doctor Sinister for the Incorrect Art of War series. Coming from the UK, I’ve even been able to visit the USA to attend a show on behalf of the magazine, and I’m a constant presence on the forums. I’ve been very lucky, and honoured to be able to assist ACG in whatever way I can.

But this isn’t the real me. No no no. In fact, it’s time I came out of the closet once and for all. For I have interests other than military history, gaming and sci-fi. I am, in fact, a fully-fledged AFOL.


What’s an AFOL I hear you ask? Well, it’s not a naughty word, it’s merely an acronym – and it means that I am an Adult Fan Of LEGO.

There, I said it. It feels so good to get it out into the open. I feel free at last!

Yes, I like to play with plastic building bricks. In fact, I’m LEGO obsessed, I’ve got a large town in my garage (visit, an office full of Star Wars LEGO and now…now I have an Army to defend my fledgling LEGO nation. You see how neatly I’ve been able to combine multiple interests there into one hobby? I’m good at things like that…multi-tasking I call it.

But I’ve gone a little further with my LEGO army – for the past three months or so I’ve been producing something called "Grunts". Grunts is a LEGO comic strip focussing on the humorous activities of some of the men serving within the Tabletown Army – specifically, those men in Baker Platoon, Easy Company, 1st Battalion, 44th Infantry Division. And so, in this first entry of my Blog, I’m, pleased to introduce YOU to the world of Grunts – and what better way than to start out with a strip that’s quite topical, given some recent news from Afghanistan.

I hope you enjoy it, it should be the first of many.