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Posted on Aug 17, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

In the Footsteps of Heroes

By Chad Weisensel

Final thoughts.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going on tour for so long to a place I had never been with 30 other complete strangers. Everything that I dreamed it would be came true and more. Everyone at Stephen Ambrose Tours went above and beyond what I expected. Yakir and Marigold were a pleasure to work with and I wish them nothing but the best and look forward to touring again soon. Ron and Judy Drez made everything we did even that much better. Judy had never been on this tour either and we shared many good talks on the bus. Ron, it was an honor to have been able to tour with you. Your insight to other things outside of the Band of Brothers is what made this tour special. Your willingness to listen to and help others when needed is something we all appreciated. I am just glad to have been able to help along the way.


Jake Powers, your love and passion for these men can be felt by all of us. You are what being dedicated to your craft is all about. I also thank you for allowing me to be part of this great tour. I hope to see you again and soon.

To everyone else that I had the pleasure of touring with I say thank you. Everyone was great in one way or another and I cannot say enough about all of you.

The tour was excellent and I want to do it again next year. I was nervous about certain things on this tour, how were the people going to be, the food, could I find Mt. Dew. I am a typical midwestern guy who likes burgers, pizza. chicken and fish. I was not sure how I was going to get along with the new culture and food I was going to experience. Let me say this, the food in general was excellent. Even though we had a set menu for dinner, I never left a table hungry. There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was going to like certain things. Sometimes I was surprised in a good way. We all agreed that the bread in many places was the best we had. At many of the restaurants we chose the food was excellent as well. Whether I was eating a Hawaiin pizza in Bastogne or Austria ( I know it sounds funny) or Mid Loaf (meat loaf) in Berchtesgaden the food was great. In general the people were very nice especially in Holland and England where we rarely had to pay for a drink.

Our bus driver was great as well, just clean your shoes before you get on and he is happy. It was amazing how he got that bus through the small towns in Europe.

I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see these battlefields and have a rewarding experience as well. There are other tours out there that can take you to many of the same places but nobody can deliver the passion in which Ron and Jake have for history. I only hope that someday I will be able to go on this tour again, I would do it in a second. To all my new friends on the tour, I miss you all and I hope that we can do it again someday.


Armchair General Magazine Website staff

See the complete set of photos in the ACG Image Gallery here.

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  1. Hi, this is a great page and i was in the same museum: bastogne Historical Center
    it was the greatest museum ever!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Chad glad you enjoyed your tour! I,m the Brit who has Harold Webb’s helmet,(to jog your memory) That your veteran kindly added his name to, He
    was a good man and i bet very entertaining company, Also in ,y collection is the jeep cap and shoulder eagle belonging to Ed pepping one of the medics
    from BoB bye for now Chris Freeman.

  3. Hello, this site is exactly what I have been searching for. I share your passion for these heroes and especially their campaigns. I know that Stephen Ambrose passed away, however, are these tours still going on or are people on their own when they visit these sites. Our WWII veterans are getting up there and I am not sure if they are still a part of the tours. In any event, thank you for publishing these wonderful comments and pics as well.


  4. Kathy please contact me on the forums. My name is Chad and I am under the name creeping death. Thanks for your interest and I can answer all your questions.

  5. I am trying to find out if my Grandfather is in the jake Power’s book about the 101st airborne in Normandy. My grandfather is now deceased but I do know that we was there that day and part of that unit. Can anyone help me check and validate and let me know if my Grandfather is in the book before i spend this kinbd of money on it that I really don’t have at this time. Thanks
    I can be emailed at Thanks

  6. Chad,

    What a great briefing you gave, thank you! My wife and I want to go on this tour this May, but we were wondering if anyone has been on the tour this past year 2009?? I talked to the folks at Stephen Ambrose tours and was told that they may not have an Easy Co veteran going this May, and they have Ron dong the tour by himself. So I wonder if the tour woudl still be a good thing?
    Thank you for any feedback.

  7. Hi Chad,

    Do you have an email address or better yet, a phone number where I can reach you to discuss a band of brothers trip? I heard from you some time ago but the email address that you used wouldn’t let me contact you again.