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Posted on Sep 15, 2007 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

In Country: The Vietnam War on DVD

By Armchair General


BAT 21 (1988) 3.5stars.jpg
Director Peter Markle
Released 2000
Rated R

Image Credit: MGM
BAT 21 from MGM

Veteran actors Gene Hackman and Danny Glover each put forth an admirable effort in this story of a downed airman and his forward-air controller who tries to rescue him. Based upon actual events, the story illustrates a basic truth about men in combat: They seldom fight for “God and country”; rather, they fight for one another.




Tour of Duty: The Complete Series (1987) 3.5stars.jpg
Directors Steven Caffrey and James A. Contner
Sony Pictures
Released 2005

Tour of Duty: The Complete Series from Sony Pictures.

This unusually well-done television series, which ran for three seasons and is now available as a DVD set, comes very close to capturing the authentic experience of Vietnam “grunts.” Those of us in the 196th Light Infantry Brigade in 1972 – the unit and time period upon which the series is based – may quibble about details, but the production’s U.S. Army technical advisers did a creditable job.



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