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Posted on Jul 20, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

HMS Warrior 1860

Armchair General

Here’s another dining area, this time for the lower-ranked Officers, Not as ornate at the Captain’s table, but still worlds apart from those of the Ratings.

HMS Warrior had a total complement of 705 men made up as follows:

42 officers
3 warrant officers
455 seaman and boys
3 Royal Marine officers
6 Royal Marine NCOs
118 Royal Marine artillerymen
2 chief engineers
10 engineers
66 stokers and trimmers


This appears to be a Library or Conference room. Note the technical schematics of the ship mounted on the wall.


Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_84.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_83.JPG

These pictures show the ship’s stores and the carpentry area for onboard repairs.

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_87.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_98.JPG

Large spaces in the lower decks sit jus above the engine and the boiler rooms and contain supplies and powder for the guns. These areas are below the water line and were of course impregnable from attack in any event thanks to the armour playing. Warrior could withstand gunfire from point-blank range.

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_94.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_88.JPG

Here, a large steering gear passes through one of the ammunition stores.


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