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Posted on Jul 20, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

HMS Warrior 1860

Armchair General

The working areas of the ship frequented by the Ratings often contrast sharply with the elegance of the Officers’ quarters. Here’s one of the dining rooms.

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_60.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_76.JPG

Here’s one of the Junior Officer’s cabins – although spacious and luxurious by the standards of the Ratings, notice how small the bed is. You’ll also notice one other minor feature, the Officer assigned to this cabin has to share it with a cannon!


Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_74.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_73.JPG

Here’s the Captain’s study, positively enormous by ship standards, it’s also luxurious and tastefully decorated. One can imagine the Captain entertaining his Officers in the evenings as Warrior slipped silently through the sea to her next assignment. Ah, the romance of the sea life…

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_77.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_78.JPG

A large chain marks the location of the main anchor externally, in contrast with the decorative plaque listing the ship’s Captains through the decades.

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_45.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_79.JPG

Here are some more of the Officers’ cabins complete with paintings and writing desks.

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_80.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_81.JPG

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