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Posted on Jul 20, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

HMS Warrior 1860

Armchair General

Here’s a view of one of the "Crow’s Nests" and a glimpse at the rear of the top deck where works are underway. Beyond, you can see the harbour and in the distance, the town of Gosport, home to the Royal Navy ordnance depot and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum (link to ACG article).

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_26.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_117.JPG

Here are some pictures showing the magnificent main wheel of Warrior.


Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_118.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_120.JPG

This massive gun sits at the bow of the vessel. Note the metal "rails" in the decking which are used to swivel the gun from side to side. Warrior was equipped with 26 muzzle-loading 68 pounders and 10 breech-loading 110 pounders. This is one of the breech-loading weapons. The main advantage of such guns was that they did not have to be withdrawn from gun ports in order to be reloaded, but they still required large crews to operate.

Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_17.JPG Thumb_HMS_Warrior_02.07.05_18.JPG

One of the side guns points through an upper gun port in the side.


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