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Posted on Oct 13, 2008 in Stuff We Like

History Animated – An Interview with Its Founder

By Jim H. Moreno

ACG: What tools or military history information would you like to have more of?

JC: I wish I had an automated mapmaker which would allow me to build more professional maps. Currently, I just trace over the Military Academy maps.

ACG: What battle sites have you visited? Do you have a favorite?

JC: I have visited all the Civil War sites. My favorite site is Kennesaw Mountain outside of Atlanta because I have had many business trips to Atlanta. I always take time to go there and run on the trails. I walked the Cowpens Battle site just a few weeks ago while visiting my mother.

ACG: There is obviously an educational benefit derived from HistoryAnimated. Any consideration about making HistoryAnimated a commercial product?

James CagneyJC: I am considering making the Revolutionary War animations part of a commercial product. I am learning how to greatly improve my mapmaking, design, and navigation skills right now. I would have to redo the Civil War and Pacific War series to make them a commercial success.

I have been approached by The History Channel and several museum sites about the use of the animations. I am currently working with one of the museums to set up a site for free as a prototype for doing other sites.


My neighbor asked how much money I make doing this. I replied with a question – How much money did you make playing golf this week? It is the same thing. I do it because I enjoy it. 

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  1. I get an error message when I try to open the web site for
    It was a great site to learn history. I got hooked on the Midway animation. Any news of what became of Mr Cagney’s web site?


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