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Posted on Aug 8, 2005 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Help Save England’s Last Flying Flying Fortress

By Jerry D. Morelock

The last B-17 Flying Fortress in England that still flys, the Sally B, is in danger of being permanently grounded. Due to a recent European Union liability insurance regulation that treats this unique, historic aircraft as if it were a modern airliner, the cost of insuring and maintaining the Sally B has risen astronomically. Brokers for Lloyd’s of London and Virgin Atlantic owner, Richard Branson stepped up to institute a temporary fix to keep this magnificent piece of authentic World War II history aloft during the summer season of 2005, but donations are urgently needed to keep her in the air to educate and inspire the current and future generations.

Sally B over Imperial War Museum Duxford (photo by Philip Makanna)

Permanently based at the Imperial War Museum Duxford when it is not flying, Sally B is not part of the museum’s own collection. Therefore, it relies solely on charitable donations, sponsorship and souvenir sales. Elly Sallingboe, the head of the B-17 Charitable Trust—the officially-sanctioned charity organization that supports Sally B—said recently, “We are intensely grateful to everyone who has offered us support in this serious crisis…But this is only the beginning…and it is vital that the aircraft receives further financial support to meet the ever-increasing costs.”


Armchair General urges all its readers to help keep Sally B a flying memorial to the air crews who fought in World War II’s battle for the skies, especially those who paid the supreme price. More information about the history of Sally B, its dedicated band of volunteers who maintain this marvelous piece of “flying history” and how to make a much-appreciated donation may be found at:

Sally B over English countryside (photo by Philip Makanna)

Sally B above the clouds! (photo by John Dibbs)