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Posted on May 30, 2007 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Halo 3 Beta Impressions

By Jamison Lanum


Bubble Shield

This is the most coveted piece of equipment on the map. When deployed a dome that looks like a see-through turtle shell appears around players. One use, besides randomly saving a players life time and time again is when it’s used during crazy king. The holographic circle that shows what territory is up for grabs helps to disguise the bubble shield when it’s used. The smart player will attempt a kill from outside the territory but won’t clearly be able to see the shield until after a few failed grenade tosses and shots. If an opponent tries to rush just throw grenades within the bubble and back out.

Trip Mine


Best used for destroying vehicles, the trip mine is easily seen, and should only be used at the last second in order to ensure a hit. One can also be placed near where the enemy may travel and detonated by shooting it.

Grav Lift

Since people love finding ways out of the map, I guess Bungie decided to help them out. Now you can deploy a mini Grav-Lift anywhere on the map. It acts similar to the air lifts found on Halo 2‘s Foundation. It has been very useful for reaching locations where all the obvious entryways are bombarded with grenades each time you approach.

Power Drainer

Deploying this will drain all of their power making it very easy to pick them off quickly! Not much more to say. It’s very effective in certain situations.


Not a whole lot to report on this end. The addition of the mongoose is definitely welcomed as it serves as a very quick way to transport two people around on Valhalla and High Ground-one driving, one piggy backing that can also fire their weapon.

At the End of the Road…

It’s satisfying that Bungie is attempting to add increased usability to their already undisputed user interface & matchmaking system with the addition of partying up, and having the ability to change your personal settings from the matchmaking menu. The graphics, although not incredible, are definitely a step above Halo 2 even though most people are probably expecting more. Bungie has once again proved that they are truly the masters of balancing gameplay.

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