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Posted on Sep 16, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Gen Con UK 2007

Armchair General

Having been fully equipped and now weighed down, our hero has to first squeeze through a narrow cleft in order to reach the interior of the dungeon – as represented by these two men.

gencon_041.JPG  gencon_042.JPG

Squeezing through the cleft, our hero heads warily into the cavern beyond…unable to lift his pole very high due to the low ceilings…


gencon_043.JPG  gencon_044.JPG

Testing for traps, his every move is controlled by the ever-present dice.

gencon_045.JPG  gencon_046.JPG

A skeleton leaps at him from a hidden entrance…after some scuffling, he is defeated, dropping "gold coins" on the ground. But…have you ever tried to pick up coins with an hand encased in armour plate?

gencon_047.JPG  gencon_048.JPG

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