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Posted on Sep 16, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Gen Con UK 2007

Armchair General

These aren’t the archers you’re looking for.  I can go about my business…move along…


For anyone reading who might like a bit of practice with a broadsword, here’s a small video of some of the training that took place.

To really make my day, Eric allowed me to play with a Longbow.  Here are some pictures of yours-truly on the range.  The typical draw of a longbow like this would be one-hundred and fifty pounds, I managed about seventy at most.  I fired about twelve shots in two sessions and by the second session, I was managing to group my shots quite closely and down the centreline no less. Apparently this is exactly what is needed to progress with the bow. The trick it seems is not to pull with the arms, but to actually draw your shoulder blades together and use your back to flex the bow – which is why old pictures of medieval Longbowmen appear to show them in some odd distorted positions.


gencon_027.JPG  gencon_028.JPG

I’m pleased to say that with my third shot, I actually scored a bulls-eye!

gencon_029.JPG  gencon_030.JPG
gencon_031.JPG  gencon_032.JPG

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