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Posted on Sep 16, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Gen Con UK 2007

Armchair General

As you’ll see below, these rampaging zombies caught my eye, presented as they were in a superbly detailed miniature.  These monsters form part of the tabletop game known as Occult Wars.  With the catching tagline of "Wargames Just Got Sexy", the game allows players to fight battles of good against evil and the flexible rules permit the recreation of horror characters from other media.  The creators of Occult Wars were also kind enough to give me a copy of their game rules for review, and this is another game I hope you’ll be able to read about more here on the ACG website.

gencon_008.JPG  gencon_009.JPG

The people manning the Cubicle Seven booth were promoting a beautiful looking game called Victoriana.  Set in Victorian times, the game sees players entering an alternate universe where humans live alongside elves, dwarves, beastmen and ogres, any of whom might occupy any social class.  With sumptuous diagrams and drawings contained within the myriad of rulebooks, this is a fascinating looking game, especially as it features vast armed airships patrolling the skies!  In the next picture, the gentleman from Pro-Fantasy Software chatted to me about a number of the gaming support products they offer – including mapping and design utilities to assist gamers of any genre to get to grips with the environments in which they might want to create their gaming experiences.  Of particular interest to readers of ACG is the World War II Interactive Atlas – an interactive, cartographic overview of the events and battles of WWII, complete with troop deployments and movements.  I have a copy of this here for review and hope to be able to tell you more about it soon!


gencon_010.JPG  gencon_011.JPG

James "Grim" Desborough of Postmortem Studios had some interesting items on his stall – generic gaming books suitable for just about any RPG you might care to name containing a great many adventure "seeds" to allow new adventures to be created.  Oh, and here are some Roman soldiers in miniature…just because I liked them.

gencon_012.JPG  gencon_013.JPG

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