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Posted on Sep 16, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Gen Con UK 2007

Armchair General

All manner of games were underway, from simple counter-type boardgames to complex card games and enormous…erm…miniature battlefields.

The game being played on this impressive setup is Flames of War, a World War II wargame produced by the New Zealand company Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.  This game allows players to play company level battles from World War II using 1/100 scale miniatures.  By the time I got here, the American player had, it seemed, walked off in a huff having had his entire force wiped out!  Visit the official website here.

gencon_063.JPG  gencon_064.JPG

The level of detail and care taken with the miniature dioramas, characters and vehicles is really mind-boggling.  The room in which these battles were being played out saw whole armies sat around the perimeter, on windowsills, shelves and tables, awaiting the call to battle.


gencon_065.JPG  gencon_066.JPG


Even the hallways and corridors were packed with gaming displays or areas where gamers could try their hand at prospective titles before plunging in for a purchase.  This beautiful dragon guarded the entrance to one room, and further down the corridor, this impressive ziggurat was festooned with Aliens from the popular film series.

gencon_003.JPG  gencon_058.JPG

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