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Posted on Aug 11, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

GenCon 2006

Armchair General

Armchair General makes its first appearance at GenCon 2006 in Indianapolis, IN and we bring back some pictures of the action to give you a taste of this huge assembly of gamers.  As at Origins, there is a little bit of every type of gaming you can imagine, along with a whole host of tertiary activities in every hallway and ballroom in this huge convention center complex.  To capture it all would require a full-time photographer — there are 1000’s of activities listed in the GenCon playbook!

So, without further fanfare, here are some photos of the vendor’s hall (including the Armchair General booth), the miniatures hall, the CCG hall, and a variety of other interesting photographs from the front lines…


There are many interesting characters at GenCon, with some elaborate costumes custom-made just for live action gaming here at the show.  Others are commerical costumes designed to entertain the lil’ ones.



There is an entire hall for miniatures gaming, as well as a separate hall for boardgames.  Other halls contain collectible card games, including some pretty major national tournaments…


For all our pictures, please visit our image gallery.