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Posted on Jul 11, 2007 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

Future Weapons – Book Review

By Marshal Murat

cover.jpgBook Review – Future Weapons
Kevin Dockery, $25.95

Kevin Dockery is a former military armorer for Nixon and Ford.  He served in Desert Storm, and has written extensively on the Navy SEALS, and gun-smithing. He provides not only the data associated with weapons of the future, but he provides plenty of images, at least two per weapon.

Future Weapons drops the reader into action with the first machine-gun, amidst one of the trenches of Flanders as Private Stormer leaps inside, dealing death with his bolt-action rifle. The action leaps into Vietnam as grunts slug it out with Charlie. Finally it plunges the great-grandson of Private Stormer into modern Iraq as he fires on an insurgent sniper.


The author then provides an overview of the newest weapons on the battlefield. He begins with rifles, providing data and background on not only on the newer weapons but the older ones too. Like the XM8? He has it. Tavor-21? He has it. SCAR? He has it. AK-47? He has it. There is a wealth of information,  But it’s not just the background details, the technical information makes the even the well-learned salivate. The author provides not only the caliber and sighting, but the muzzle energy, load, sight radius, and cyclic rate of fire of each weapon.

Dockery then describes the newest advances in rifle magazines. Magazine, weight, material, and other data that any gun-fan would require.  Pistols are also covered, from the Luger to the Taser. The author provides data on these, present, past, and future.

Submachine guns are then subjected to an overview - Heckler & Koch, Uzi, plus many more. The history and future of these weapons is catered for in in depth.  Finally, Dockery turns to grenade launchers, from the XM320 to the XM8 attachment. New grenade designs, launchers, and anything else you would want to know about weapons of this nature.

Overall the book provides a delightful oversight of what the armies of tomorrow may wield. From the XM8, sleek and refined, to the traditional AK-47, this book is for casual military men, and those who enjoy a good made gun.