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Posted on Nov 6, 2014 in Electronic Games

Free Download Codes for ‘Rebels & Redcoats’

Free Download Codes for ‘Rebels & Redcoats’

By Armchair General



For a bovine on the lam, Hunted Cow manages to turn out a lot of games. Today they are releasing the first in a series of collaborations with Decision Games that will bring some of DG’s popular boardgames into an iPad/iPhone/Mac format. Rebels & Redcoats, a set of American Revolution games, will kick off the collaboration. (If you aren’t familiar with the original boardgames, visit Decision Games‘s site.)

Hunted Cow provided Armchair General with 10 free download codes to give to our readers. To win one of the free codes, just leave a comment below telling us the title of your favorite game, book or movie based on the American War for Independence. Only one entry per person. Contest closes at midnight on Sunday, November 9, 2014; we’ll randomly select 10 winners the following day.


  1. The American Revolution is an unknown area to me. I own three boardgames based on the conflict. The only book I own on it is The American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood. It is my favourite by default. 😉

    • You can discount me from the contest though. I don’t own an iPad.

  2. The Patriot

  3. Sounds very interesting!

  4. Scourge of War !

  5. Favorite game: John Tiller’s and HPS Simulations’ Campaign 1776: The American Revolution

  6. Milton Bradley’s “Skirmish”

    A simple, clever design that captured the “guerrilla” warfare nature of the American Revolution well.

  7. Movies: The Patriot and Revolution.

  8. Favorite game. 1775 Rebellion by Academy Games.

    Favorite book. “Rise and Fight Again”

  9. Favourite Movie- “The Patriot”
    Favourite Game- 1776 mod for Mount and Blade Warband and “Liberty or Death”(old Koei classic)

  10. I have to say I really enjoyed the book 1776 by David McCullough. It read like a novel but had tons of historical information and insight.

  11. The Patriot

  12. Game – Empire: Total War (it has a focus on America’s road to independence, and the historical battles are fun as well).

  13. The Crossing

  14. Movie–“The Patriot”

    Game–Empire Total War

  15. My favourite movie-The Patriot
    My favourite game-Liberty or Death
    My favourite book-Washiton crossing the Delaware

  16. 1776 by David McCullough is an enjoyable dip into the war. I do love 1775 by Academy Games. For miniatures games I’m a fan of the Black Powder rules (with the special sub-rules for the conflict).

    I routinely discuss historical gaming on my twice a month podcast Wargaming Recon. Best of luck to everyone.

  17. The Patriot for the favorite movie.

  18. Favorite movie is History Channels American Revolution series.
    Favorite game Skirmish which is a Milton Bradley game for American Heritage from the 70’s.

  19. Boardgame “We the people”

  20. Favorite game: Birth of America 2: Wars in America

  21. Favorite game(s) -Avalanche Press: Flintlock and Cold Steel

    Favorite Book(s)- From Lexington to Liberty, Rebels and Redcoats

    Favorite Movie – Howards of Virginia

  22. favorite game: Empire Total War! An excellent game with creative strategies

  23. To Try Men’s Soul by Newt Gingrich

  24. Favorite book: George Washington’s War by Robert Lechle

    Favorite movie/play: 1776

    • Sorry – Robert Leckle

  25. My favourite game is GMT’s Guildford Courthouse and my movie is The Patriot.

  26. Birth of America by Matrix/AGEOD. Wish someone would do in iPad conversion of this.

  27. Had the most fun with a 1 page set of rules, I think they were originally written for French Indian War, but we adapted to 1776.
    Skirmish small groups lots of fun.
    Also enjoyed Wooden Ships and Iron Men with or without minis.

  28. Favorite game on the subject: The old Avalon Hill game, “1776”. True, it’s been a while since I’ve played it :-).

  29. Movie – The Patriot

  30. The best book about the Revolution I’ve read is Angel in the Whirlwind by Benson Bobrick. It’s a great survey of the whole war.

  31. Daniel Boone 1960’s tv show mornings on MeTV

  32. John Tiller’s and HPS Simulations’ Campaign 1776: The American Revolution

  33. Empire Total War

  34. I have always liked D. W. Griffith’s silent film AMERICA which covers many events of the war, including the Cherry Valley Massacre. Also Disney’s film of JOHNNY TREMAINE and the SWAMP FOX television episodes helped boost my interest in the Revolution.

  35. Game – Empire total war, I can’t get enought and still play it today.

  36. Book: The Rise to Rebellion and The Glorious a Cause by Jeff Shaara
    Movie: the Patriot, I’m afraid
    Game: We The People by Mark Herman

  37. Book – The Spy: A Tale of Neutral Ground by James Fenimore Cooper
    Film – Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor
    Game – Birth of America

  38. Rebels and Redcoats. A classic boadgame and my aboloute favorite.

  39. Favorite movie The Crossing

  40. Game: North & South (Amiga Version)
    Movie: Good, bad & ugly