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Posted on Oct 2, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Forum Highlights – Hot from the Armchair General Frontlines

By Jason St. Just

Ever think nobody cares about your opinion? Our forum readers do! If you haven’t joined in the many online discussions at Armchair General’s forums, check them out. You’ll find discussion groups on many aspects of military history, politics, and current world situations, along with hobby-oriented discussions of games, conventions, and more. Because forums for Weider History Group’s 10 other magazines are also hosted here, you’ll find topics related to the Wild West, British Heritage, general American history and more, in addition to military history discussions.

So many forums . . . where to begin? In this new series of blogs, experienced forumophile Jason St. Just lets you know where the hottest discussions are taking place. – Editor.



Armchair General Attacks: Most decisive battles
Pay a visit to our "Armchair Attacks!" forum and join our popular tournament. Here’s where YOU decide which battle deserves the goldmedal as most decisive battle of all ages ! The choice you make and the wisdom you leave behind will help shape the January/February issue of Armchair General magazine! What YOU say and what YOU do counts on ACG.

2008 U.S. Election
Election fever has the ACG forums in a tight grip. Find out what 15.000 of our members think of the 2008 US Election. It don’t matter if you are from Asia, Africa, Australia or elsewhere, we are interested in your opinions. Join the many discussions on our "Happening Now" forum, but beware! The fever may be contagious.

Would Germany have launched a land invasion of Britain?

The planned invasion of Britain by the Germans in WWII (Operation Sealion) has provided our forums with many months of  discussions in the past and they have never really died out… The dialogue has currently flared up once again on our Alternate Timeline forum, where many ponder on the great “what if’s” of history. Check it out and enjoy the many fascinating theories that have been uncovered on this subject!
Witnesses reveal “Georgian atrocities” 

Although this short but controversial conflict officially came to an end on the “Ides” of august, the debates are still very alive and kicking. The South Ossetian conflict forum already counts many pages, but rest assure that many are still to be written. So join in and write some ACG history…

Most successful campaign of WWII

Our most popular forum is bustling with activity. A broad range of subjects lie ready to be devoured by WWII buffs. One of them, is the poll on the most successful campaign of this world wide conflict. Whether you agree that the German invasion of France in 1940 is currently considered to be the most successful or not, we invite you to express YOUR opinion. So get into your foxhole and be prepared to be overwhelmed by a bombardment of endless information.


ACG Searchlight!
In the ACG searchlight this week we will shed some light on our Modeling forum. And no, we don’t mean beautiful girls walking the catwalks, that’s on another site, but the “art” of building miniature airplanes, tanks, ships even battlefields and huge diorama’s…

I don’t believe I am wrong in stating that model building is an “art”. It needs a steady hand, an eye for detail, endurance and most of all…tons of patience. Traits that not everybody has the honor of possessing.

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  1. Nicely balanced maiden blog Jason. Kudos and keep up the good work. /CS