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Posted on Mar 15, 2007 in Front Page Features, War College

Fliegen und Siegen

By A Burke

Airmen prepare for a reconnaissance flight.  Note the
squadron emblem of the Earth with Saturn-like
rings around it.

On an un-named airfield, mechanics repair a plane
engine on the spot.

Vertical tail markings on the plane flown by Oberst Molders,
showing the number of victories (kills) he achieved.  The Spaniel
is the darling of Molders’ squadron and prefers to stay
close to his master.

Inside the cabin of a Ju52 transport plane being loaded
with bombs.

A radio operator works controls in the cabin of a plane.

Parachutists who captured the town of Chanea in Crete.

A Ju52 returns from Crete, bringing home wounded parachutists
and Alpine patrol soldiers.

Near the entrance to Athens, German soldiers man anti-aircraft
guns in front of the Acropolis to ward off British bombers.

A flak tower during an air raid.  Note the soldier on the left with
the rangefinder.

The wreckage of an English bomber shot down by the Germans
near the French coast.

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