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Posted on Mar 3, 2007 in Front Page Features, History News

First Look at the May 2007 Issue

Armchair General

Here is an advanced look at what you can expect in our May 2007 Issue. 



BATTLEFIELD LEADER Gen. Robert E. Lee Was this Confederate icon America’s greatest general?

ICS (Interactive Combat Story) At the Sharp End, Part V: Okinawa, 1945 YOU control the outcome as Sgt. James Devin and his Marines assault Japan’s last Pacific bastion. Featuring ACG’s exclusive photo re-creations!

WALK WHERE THEY FOUGHT Stalingrad: Slaughterhouse in the East A tour of the city on the Volga, where Hitler’s Sixth Army fought Stalin’s Russian legions in the Eastern Front’s epic, turning-point battle.


SPECIAL FEATURE History in Depth: Shattering the Wehrmacht Myth Learn how the Red Army really beat Hitler’s Nazi war machine on World War II’s Eastern Front. An ACG exclusive!

BONUS ARTICLE Bookshelf: What the Pros Read Find out what’s on the reading lists our armed forces assign for professional development. Now YOU can read like a “pro.”


CRISIS WATCH Africa’s Bloody Nose Noted author, columnist and media commentator Ralph Peters focuses on Islamist extremism in the Horn of Africa.

THE PRESIDIO WALL Military Basics 101 Caspar Weinberger Jr. discusses hard facts all American citizens should know. New Department!

10 QUESTIONS ACG interviews Lt. Gen. Henry Obering, the head of America’s Missile Defense Command.

SPY WARS! ULTRA: World War II’s Best-kept Secret Find out how the Allies read Hitler’s mail. New Department!

COMMANDER DOSSIER Gen. William Westmoreland Profile of America’s Vietnam War commander.

WEAPON FILES UH-1 Huey Helicopter An insider’s look at the “workhorse” chopper of the Vietnam War.

DISPATCHES Real Heroes, history in the news, Significant Events, Impress Your Friends, cool gear and more!

LEADERSHIP From battlefield to boardroom, unique insight on Robert E. Lee’s leadership style.

TIPPING POINTS Philip’s Legacy to Alexander Acclaimed historian Bevin Alexander discusses the Macedonian army – the magnificent fighting machine that made Alexander “great.”

COMMAND DECISIONS Robert E. Lee’s Fateful Decisions A look at some of the crucial issues Lee confronted. Would YOU have decided the same?

HOW THEY FOUGHT “Tommies” in North Africa, 1941 British soldiers fight Rommel’s deadly legions.

YOU COMMAND Nelson at the Nile, 1798 Test your decision-making skills as England’s greatest naval commander takes on Napoleon’s fleet in Egypt.

YOU COMMAND SOLUTION Historical outcome plus Reader Solutions to You Command CDG #18, “Goose Green, 1982.”

COMBAT! TACTICAL DECISION GAME German Tank Unit vs. Red Army, 1944 Choose the correct course of action as a German tank unit attempts to break out of a Russian encirclement.

WITNESS TO WAR Marine Sniper, Iraq, 2003 U.S. Marine Corps sniper Adam Desy on the road to Baghdad.

GAME BUZZ The inside scoop on all the hot new games!

VIDEO GAME REVIEW Mark Walker reviews Call of Duty 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas.

WARGAME REVIEW Jeffrey Paulding reviews Pacific Storm and Distant Guns.

DVD LIBRARY Spy vs. Spy A review of the best film depictions of spies and espionage.