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Posted on Oct 22, 2004 in Stuff We Like

Farnborough International 2004

Armchair General

This all angular blob is an F117A “Stealth Fighter” that, in comparison to the F-16, was almost whisper quiet. Unfortunately it only flew over and back again, it didn’t grace us with a landing.

Stealth Fighter

Here’s a sinister looking Boeing F/A 18 F Super Hornet preparing to turn for its takeoff.

Super Hornet

The twin-engined Hornet performed some amazing stunts in the skies above our heads.


Super Hornet

The first rotary-winged vehicle to display itself on the day was an Apache Longbow. The pilot of this aircraft had the Apache performing loops in the sky – yes, it flies upside down!


Our next visitor was a gigantic B-52 Bomber. We actually saw it about twenty minutes before it arrived, circling in the distance like an enormous vulture – it was hard to miss and very impressive as it loomed overhead and flew past us.


Our second rotary-winged visitor came over from the nearby RAF base at Odiham. The pilot of this Boeing Chinook of RAF 18 Squadron performed some aerobatics for us – it’s a surprisingly nimble aircraft given its size, although obviously it wouldn’t be required to perform such manoeuvres fully-laden.


Here’s another SAAB Gripen about to take off. I marked this one down as number 4 on my loudness scale, although I might have been a bit deaf still from the F-16.


And here she is coming into land again.


In case anyone here is into airliners, this is an Airbus A340. I only know this because it’s written on the side, I’m not an expert on such matters, however never let it be said that I can’t pander to all tastes (!).


A picture of a Eurofighter Typhoon just as it takes off – notice the deep glow from the engines.


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