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Posted on May 22, 2008 in Electronic Games

Europa Universalis Rome – PC Game Review

By Larry Levandowski

Europa Universalis Rome supports multiplayer games over a network, and there is a matchmaking feature on Paradox’s metaserver, but the game really is optimized for solo play. The virtual opponents always provide a challenge, and even the best players will have many, many hours of enjoyment as they try to take down AI Carthage, while fending off barbarian invasions. But like any game, the Rome’s AI does make mistakes and usually these are the same ones over and over. Still, the player can’t take the AI for granted because, even many hours into a game, it is capable of pulling off a new trick now and then.

Rome is a high-quality game that mostly runs well and is relatively easy to learn. Players will find that EUR is very smooth and stable. The game did have some CTDs on the Vista review machine, but these went away when the XP compatibility mode was used. For veteran EU players, Rome will be very familiar, and they can just jump right in. For those new to the series, there is a very readable, 96-page manual and a series of helpful tutorials.


While EUR is one of the most complex strategy simulations of Ancient Rome to hit the computer game market, it doesn’t play that way. In fact, because of the easy-to-use interface, it is probably one of the most accessible strategy games in the Paradox stable. Veteran strategy gamers will love Rome for its depth and great subject matter. Those gamers new to historical strategy games will find EUR to be a great place to start. Twitch jockeys and those who like RTS games for the thrill of the rush will probably want to look elsewhere. But at the end of the end of day, when the barbarians have fled back into the woods, no legionnaire can go wrong by meeting his destiny with Europa Universalis Rome.

Armchair General Score 92%


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