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Posted on Mar 28, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Errata for Lee at Gettysburg Game

By Mark H. Walker


I. Two Player reinforcement schedule.  These supercede previous reinforcement schedule for these units.


Turn 3

I17: Schurz, Kryz’n, Schm’l, Barlow, Ames, V Gilsa, Howard, Howard’s Art (both counters). Steinwehr, Coster, Smith.


Turn 5:

I1: Ewell, Rodes, Daniels, I’vson, Doles, R’seur, O’neal. Latimer, Carter, and Dance Art.
A6: Hill, Pender, Perrin, Thomas, Scales, Lane. Garnett, M’tosh, Pegram, and Poague Art.
N3: Early, Hoke, Gordon, Smith, Heys. Jones and Nelson Art.

II. Gamble B should have a reduced side Firepower of one (1)