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Posted on Jul 28, 2016 in Boardgames

Easy Roller Dice

Easy Roller Dice

By Chris Heatherly

When Armchair General’s editorial staff inquired if I was interested in reviewing gaming dice from the Easy Roller Dice Company, I leapt at this rather unique assignment. I considered multiple approaches to best fashion this review but my last experience with active gaming was years – truth be told, decades – ago when I rolled the dice over many an enjoyable evening of Axis and Allies or Dungeons and Dragons. The last time I bought my own dice from the local hobby shop I had to color in the numbers by hand with a black crayon. Finally, I hit upon the perfect solution. I turned the dice over to my daughter and introduced her to gaming.

The Easy Roller Dice Company website offers a number of gaming accessories including a wide variety of plastic and metal dice sets, roller cups, gaming mats, dice bags and gift cards. The majority of their product line is built around a standard seven piece set of plastic gaming dice consisting of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D100 (by tens) in a variety of colors and appearances designed to appeal to both boys and girls. My daughter and I test drove the seven piece “Pink Sparkle” and “Glow in the Dark” plastic dice sets. My daughter particularly liked the Glow in the Dark set as they brought an element of the supernatural to the gaming experience. The dice come in their own well-made felt bag just large enough to carry two complete sets and perhaps a couple of spares. We were both impressed with the product’s obvious quality workmanship unlike the crude Chinese made sets I bought as a kid (with edges sharp enough to shave with). The dice roll smoothly, are easy to read and support a number of RPG or board game platforms. We also tested a set of the “Legendary Copper Metal Dice” sold in the same seven piece set as their plastic brethren. In a word, these dice are HEAVY and I would be concerned about their potential to damage the proverbial kitchen table or another player during an errant roll during a heated gaming session. Easy Roller’s metal dice sets come in a larger custom made case, a bit larger than a deck of cards, with protective foam padding on the inside. All products include a 30-day money back guarantee.

I realized something very important as my daughter and I worked on this review. Testing the dice brought two additional, and much desired, benefits. Playing a board game or classic RPG requires people to talk with each other in person. You cannot find the same level of interaction in a gaming console or online multiplayer game no matter how detailed. It also requires players to use their imagination in ways not found on a computer screen. Do yourself a favor. Put away the digital games, clear the kitchen table, gather your family and play a game with a set of Easy Roller Dice. For more information, go to

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Christopher J. Heatherly is an avid writer, traveler and educator. He holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma and Monmouth College.