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Posted on May 6, 2005 in Admin

Doctor Sinister

Editorial Staff

Doctor Sinister

Title: Supervillain
Hobbies: Evil, villainy
Favorite Movies: Citizen Kane, Twelve Monkeys and Revenge of the Surfboarding Mutant Killer Bikini Vampire Girls
Background: When my close confidant Andrew first asked me to write something here, my initial thought was one of amusement that some people reading this might pretend never to have heard of me. But if you insist on playing this game, my name is Doctor Sinister and I am the future Emperor of the planet Earth and the entire universe.

I have a robotic left arm and only one eye following an unfortunate accident which I’d rather not talk about if it’s all the same to you.


I live with my private army and some kidnapped scientists on a secret island base somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (don’t go looking for it, we have it well-hidden) where we breed genetically modified cloned dinosaurs and invent new weapons with which to conquer the planet. Unfortunately I am also surrounded by incompetent fools – but one day my time will come, oh yes, one day.