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Posted on Oct 11, 2010 in Stuff We Like

Doctor Sinister at the Great Western LEGO Show

By Gerald D. Swick

Over 23 feet long, building this model of the USS Intrepid required more than a quarter-million LEGO pieces.

The nefarious-but-lovable Doctor Sinister, author of the "Incorrect Art of War" series has resurfaced after many months of seclusion. He recently submitted to Armchair General a review of Civilization V, a game of world domination he plays when he needs a break from plotting world domination. Doc’s kinda single-minded that way.


Dr. Sinister's LEGO avatar.

Dr. S. also has a passionate interest in LEGO bricks, but he seems to have met his match on the plastic battlefield. He’s recently submitted some amazing intelligence photos and video footage of a LEGO Minifig-scale replica of the Essex-Class aircraft carrier USS Intrepid as she appeared in 1945.  Measuring over 23 feet long, and built from more than a quarter of a million LEGO pieces, this monstrous model is the creation of Ed Diment. What’s more, the ship features a full air wing of Helldivers, Corsairs, Avengers and Hellcats, the prototypes of which were designed by another LEGO builder, Ralph Savelsberg, with the bulk of the planes having been lovingly assembled by Ed’s wife Annie, a modern-day Rosie the Riveter.

The photos also show the Intrepid being escorted by the Submarine USS Pampanito, built by Gary Davis, and the destroyer USS Haggard built by Chris Lee.

The Intrepid features working RADAR, aircraft elevators and remote-controlled main guns.

Click here to see more of Doc’s pictures from the Great Western LEGO show held October 3–4, 2010, at the Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon, UK. and his video from the event.


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