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Posted on Oct 17, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Detling Military Odyssey 2006

By Phil Royal

Besides being a wonderful static exhibit, the Huey also took part in a Vietnam insertion and extraction re-enactment with elements of the Rolling Thunder, AIPS and LRRP Rangers living history groups. Sadly, health and safety rules dictated that no-one could hang themselves out a door firing an MG, or make a jumping insertion from the chopper, but nontheless the resulting showpiece was decidedly realistic thanks to some extensive ground-based pyrotechnics.

detling_027.jpg detling_028.jpg

Another impressive arena display was by the Waffen SS re-enactors of the Second Battle Group and the Russian 2nd Guards, who put on a well organised re-enactment of an eastern front engagement. After an initial attack by Russian special forces (supported by peasants) on a german motorcycle patrol, the action gradually intensified until heavy armour in the form of a Tiger tank and T34 were in the thick of things, supported by artillery and other vehicles. Suffice to say there were few germans left standing at the end of the show, even though a good number had surrendered – obviously their Russian was poor.


detling_029.jpg detling_030.jpg

detling_031.jpg detling_032.jpg

detling_033.jpg detling_034.jpg

detling_035.jpg detling_036.jpg

detling_037.jpg detling_038.jpg

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