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Posted on Oct 17, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Detling Military Odyssey 2006

By Phil Royal

Other re-enactment groups who took to the arena included the combined 3rd East Kent Buffs and 3 Battallion 95th Rifles supported by the Anglesey Hussars, who put on a spirited show in a Napoleonic Re-enactment in conjunction with 21eme (French Napoleonic Infantry), and the Duchy of Warsaw Infantry, Artillery and Lancers – two of which were Polish groups who had travelled to the UK especially for the event.

detling_014.jpg detling_015.jpg

detling_016.jpg detling_017.jpg

detling_018.jpg detling_019.jpg


The Southern Skirmish Association (SOSKAN) also put on its usual high standard American Civil War Show, and an exceptionally violent medaevil encounter was also portrayed by the Woodville Household. All these groups made the most of the new site layout, and pleased the crowds with impressively noisy and explosive battles.

A major draw this year was the attendance of an original Vietnam veteran in the form of Bell UH-1H Huey 72-21509, which had served in the 129 Assault Helicopter Company Vietnam duinrg 1972/73, and was brought to the UK from the ‘States by owner Phil Connolly in 2005.


detling_021.jpg detling_022.jpg

detling_023.jpg detling_024.jpg

detling_025.jpg detling_026.jpg

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