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Posted on Nov 14, 2011 in History News

Copper Sword Stolen from Lincoln’s Tomb

By Armchair General

Thieves stole a copper sword from Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, the Chicago Tribune reported, following up on an article in the Springfield State Journal-Register. It is the theft from the tomb in over a century.

Read the Associated Press story "Copper sword stolen from statue at Lincoln’s Tomb."

In other Lincoln-related news, the Association of Lincoln Presenters lost its founding member, Jim Hitchcock, recently. The ALP is comprised of men and women who portray Abraham or Mary Lincoln, or other historical figures who were involved in Lincoln’s life, at public events, re-enactments, in schools, etc., for educational purposes. The group is mentioned in Land of Lincoln by Andrew Ferguson (Atlantic Monthly Press). Jim Hitchcock was its first member. Additional information can be found on the Mary Lincoln Coterie Facebook page.


UPDATE, DECEMBER 6: The Springfield State Journal-Register reports the sword stolen from Lincoln’s Tomb has been recovered. Click on link to read the story.



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