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Posted on Nov 27, 2010 in Games PR

Combat Mission Shock Force Patched


The latest version 1.31 patch for COMBAT MISSION SHOCK FORCE, CMSF MARINES, CMSF BRITISH FORCES and CMSF NATO is available for download. This free patch offers dozens of improvements and a number of new features, such as:

  • Soldiers receive reduced blast protection when an armored vehicle is between them and a very large explosion.
  • Firing sound changed for C14, C15, L115A3, AWSMF, G22 sniper rifles.
  • Corrected Syrian and Canadian rank icons.
  • Various TOE updates
  • In the New Game screen, the time displayed for each scenario (e.g. "01:20") refers to the length of the scenario, not the time of day.
  • nVidia light-flashing bug is fixed
  • Computer player is smarter about disembarking passengers from immobilized vehicles.

The v1.31 patch includes updates for the base game and all the modules in one single "intelligent" patch. No need to download several patches: just one patch will present you with the option to update any combination of base game plus modules that you may own at the same time.


This v1.31 is for ALL customers who have a running copy of CMSF v1.21 with or without any modules.

The patch can be downloaded here