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Posted on Aug 15, 2008 in Electronic Games

Combat Mission Campaigns – Exclusive After-Action Report

By Armchair General

Combat Mission Campaigns gives players command of much larger units to fight bigger battles than in Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin.

One of the coolest features of CMC is its comprehensive supply system.

You’ve been promoted. You proved your mettle leading squads and platoons to clear buildings and capture tactical objectives. Now you have bigger things to think about. Taking a town is one thing; taking a group of towns simultaneously requires different skills, building on what you’ve already learned. It’s a whole new game.


Combat Mission Campaigns (CMC) is the long-awaited campaign system for Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin (CMBB), Battlefront’s popular WWII–turn-based game. Using CMBB as the tactical resolver, CMC allows players to make and play their own campaigns involving larger forces and timeframes.

To give players a preview of what they can expect, Battlefront and are providing replays that show how the game has evolved while keeping the elements its fans have come to love. But first, here’s information on some of the changes you can expect.

A typical CMBB battle lasts about an hour and spans a battlefield of two-three square kilometres. In the new CMC a typical scenario will cover several days or even weeks and may sprawl across anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand square kilometres of terrain. It may involve dozens of CMBB tactical battles, some of which can be "auto resolved" to save time.

One of the coolest features of CMC is its comprehensive supply system. Each unit in the game (called a Maneuvre Element) ranges from platoon to battalion strength and has supply levels in three different categories. First are "Basics" consisting of Food, Water, First Aid, Clothing, Shelter, Mail and all the fundamentals for sustaining men in the field. These Basics deplete over time and require constant replenishment from supply depots in the rear.

The second supply consideration is Fuel. Motorised units swallow petrol, oil and lubricants at a ferocious rate when moving or in battle. These also have to be renewed, using dedicated rear-area fuel stations or mobile units with trucks that can bring the fuel up to front line units.

Finally, combat units need Ammunition. Each time there is a battle, or when artillery fires in support of friends, ammunition is used and has to be replenished or else the unit will be entering future battles with low ammo status. This is A Bad Thing.

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  1. I am very excited for this game!!

  2. Exellent! A good and compact review that convinced me that this is a game I wish to spend the dark hours with come next winter!

    Mr Poundr.

  3. ip games with barbarassoto brlin

  4. Good this will definitely beat Matrixgames Kharkov and put it where it belongs in the bargain basement bin. Anxious for Battlefront to release this great add-on for CMBB.

  5. CMC is an excellent idea, based on the BEST WW II game ever. But, when will it be finally out???

  6. i am still waiting on this…. my CMBO/CMBB/CM Afrika Korps…..i know its only for CMBB…but just the same i am still waiting on this 😀

  7. Like the others I to have been waiting for this game for some time
    now. CMBB was my first war gaming experience and gladly to
    say the best one to date. Even though it really needs a graphical
    overhall since its release in 2002 it still has the best war game
    experience on the eastern front. I do have one question – can you
    play CMC over the entire eastern front in WWII as one enormous
    campaign map? Man that would take months if not years!

  8. I have been waiting for this game for more one year. CMBB is the best game about easter front in WWII but I´l whis CMC and a significant graphical improvement.

  9. Another quater of year gone by and still no game releasds. I doubt this game will ever happen, its like the Loch Ness monster of war games!

  10. I agree with Sgt K(elly?).

    I love CMxx, I played CMMC2 for a long time lacking something like CMC. I hope CMC will be able to at least partially make up for me not being able to play CMMC 2 or even 3 anymore (time!).

    Come on guys, when is this game finally coming? This game should have been here way before BTS launched CM ShockForce (IMHO a total devastation of the CMBO/BB/AK engine).

  11. I really hope battlefront wil release CMC soon
    we are expecting it for over one year now xmas is arrived and
    still no news.

    c’mon Bys let’s finish it!!!!!

  12. Was this game ever released? I did not see it on the website.


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