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Posted on Sep 11, 2017 in Armchair Reading, Books and Movies, Front Page Features

Book Preview of David Doyle’s New CLEVELAND TANK PLANT Softcover!

Book Preview of David Doyle’s New CLEVELAND TANK PLANT Softcover!

By Silvio P. Iacuone

Cleveland Tank Plant – Aircraft and military vehicle production at Cleveland Plant 2 (1942-1970) – Book Preview
David Doyle, G-104 Press. 2017 112 pages Soft Cover $25.00 UPC:9781775013303

Silvio Iacuone

David Doyle is world renowned for his books and magazine features on military vehicles, ranging from Squadron Walk Around and In Action books to his Ampersand 1100 combined page book set on Dodges in US Military Service.

In his latest book though, he is stepping away from that and teaming up with G-104 Press, a new publishing company out of Ontario, Canada founded by Scott and Kim Taylor. Instead of a specific vehicle type or series, his newest title “Cleveland Tank Plant” focuses on a location, a location where parts of one of the best WW2 bombers and most unique Cold War vehicles were manufactured.


The book is mainly comprised of well captioned photos featuring images of the XP-75 Eagle fighter, B-29 Super Fortress sub-assemblies, M41 Walker Bulldog, M42 Duster, M56 Scorpion, M114 Armored Recon Vehicle, M551 Sheridan, M108 and M109 SPGs, and the original advanced MBT-70. The photos mainly show the plant’s products in production at different stages from assembly to automotive testing and vehicles being shipped out.

The book features a timeline running across the top of the pages helping the reader to follow along from 1942 when the construction of the plant was commissioned to 1991, the last time the M551 was used in combat.

If you are looking for a book covering specific details of the vehicles and aircraft in this book, this is not the book to get. While it does feature photos of the vehicles in US service, that is not the primary intent of the author. This title features over 200 photos in b&w and color. All photos in the book are well captioned with 30-60+ words each.

The book is only available at this time in softcover format, however the book is printed on high quality glossy paper and the binding thus far appears to be made to last. David Doyle’s Cleveland Tank Plant is available for $20 on

Review by Silvio P. Iacuone