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Posted on May 7, 2014 in Armchair Reading

Battleground Art

Battleground Art

By Alex Credidio


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(Courtesy Battleground Art)

Collecting toy soldiers is a traditional hobby that has brought joy to collectors for many years. Building plastic military models is another very popular hobby with a long history. Although they involve a common theme, they are very different in many ways.

What if you like both hobbies … Well … You try to evolve a hobby that encompasses the best of both worlds.

If a modeler wants to do a diorama, it is a huge undertaking. First you have to build and paint the figures and armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), then create the scenery, this takes a lot of talent, which many do not posses. If a toy soldier collector wants to do a diorama you can take your soldiers and AFVs off the shelf and create a setup.

But there was a problem with toy soldiers – they didn’t have the detail level of plastic models.


Over the past 8 years or so, a small fraction of the toy soldier hobby has worked to create a hybrid hobby that attempts to bridge the two concepts. The manufacturers have responded with a greater level of detail, which has solved one of the problems of developing this new hobby and they have also created detailed buildings and accessories to help develop an impressive scene.

As of late a name has been given to this hybrid hobby “BATTLEGROUND ART”.

Currently Battleground Art has a website and a forum to expound on many aspects of creating battle scenes and detailing figures and AFVs. Also, The International Society of Battleground Artists has been formed to complement this exciting hobby. If this concept interests you, visit the website and join the forum where there is much information concerning the hobby.

The Battleground Art projects created and photographed by The International Society of Battleground Artists greatest interest is honoring those who serve in the Armed Forces past, present and future.

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