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Posted on Nov 18, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Battlefield Tour – Hastings

Armchair General


Entering the Dormitory Range reveals the magnificent vaulted roofs internally, with intricate block work supported on many central pillars.

Hastings_026.JPG Hastings_027.JPG

The main chamber is quite large, with a ceiling some 30 feet high, and very well-lit internally thanks to many windows.


Hastings_028.JPG Hastings_029.JPG

The first picture here is a view from the upper level of the Dormitory Range looking across the Reredorter.

Hastings_030.JPG Hastings_031.JPG

Further chambers to the North of the Dormitory have lower ceilings, but no less incredible in the detail of their construction.

Hastings_032.JPG Hastings_033.JPG

Here are some views of the pillar detail. Alas, I’m ashamed to report that some clearly mentally deficient individuals have chosen to bedeck some of this stonework with graffiti.

Hastings_034.JPG Hastings_035.JPG

The corner of this room appears to have a gutter running through it, and may have been a kitchen area. Also, in this rearmost room, I was interested to note that the bases of the pillars were sometimes different, perhaps due to centuries of repair and maintenance.

Hastings_036.JPG Hastings_037.JPG

Outside to the North of the Dormitory, one finds the remains of the Parlour, the stumps of the pillars still visible on the ground.

Hastings_038.JPG Hastings_039.JPG

Finally, some views looking South showing the construction of this fine building.

Hastings_040.JPG Hastings_084.JPG

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1 Comment

  1. Nice work, Andrew. I appreciate the photos of the battlefield. I am a public historian (M.A. plus public history training and work experience) and I would give anything to come over give tours of that special place. Thank you for the photo tour. I enjoyed it. Best, Jim