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Posted on Oct 24, 2004 in Stuff We Like

Battlefield Tour – Basing House

Armchair General


Here is a long-distance view of the Earthworks and perimeter walls of the site. The building to the right is the Grange Barn, one of the finest remaining 16th century barns in the country.


This is the barn, an enormous structure for the time it was built.


And here’s the grand entrance gate.


Entrance Gate

Here’s a part of the exterior wall. It’s not clear if the hole made in the wall occurred during the siege or if the wall has simply collapsed in the 360 years since the epic battle.


The small “tower” you see in the picture above is actually a Dovecote, where a large flock of pigeons was kept. The pigeons provided eggs for the Kitchens and manure for the Lord of the Manor’s dunghills. This is the interior of the Dovecote.


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