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Posted on Sep 5, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Battle For Decatur – Part 1

Jim H. Moreno

For the past 27 years, Point Mallard Park has been the sight for the September Skirmish, a Civil War reenactment of the beginning of the Battle for Decatur, Alabama, a small part of the 1864 Franklin-Nashville Campaign. The annual 3-day event this year included open Confederate and Union war camps, troop drills and weapon demonstrations, dinner and a dance in period dress. A civilian support camp was also erected, housing shops for Civil War era food, drinks, clothes, weapons, and even a chapel. I spent Saturday roaming the camps and once again enjoying the company of soldiers, and managed to snap a few photos all the while. Take a look!

The tents had almost all been set up a day prior, so when I arrived, camp life was in full swing. I could smell the birch beer and fritters already! I walked through the open camps first, though, searching for the Union and Confederate commanders.


After introducing myself to the commanders, I toured the civilian camp, taking in the sights, sounds, and delicious smells wafting about. There was an air of anxiety about, for all knew a fierce battle was looming, but that did nothing to curb the hospitality throughout camp. I even caught up with a relaxing Abraham Lincoln down at the chapel.

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  1. hello i was wondering if there was a part 2 of this…and if the photos of this event still around i was the organizer of this event at the time and would like copies for a scrap book