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Posted on Mar 27, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Battle for Baghdad

By Chad Cotter.

I feel that the heroics of the men who fought for Baghdad has gone totally unnoticed.

We all think that Baghdad was captured in three measly days making it seem like it was hardly a contest. However, many people don’t know that the men who fought for Baghdad never had an easy battle. First of all, the tank crews from the 3rd ID that went into Baghdad during the capture stages (April 5th-8th 2003) not only had to brave a hail of gunfire, RPG fire, suicide attacks, anti aircraft (used in direct fire mode), T-72’s, BMP’s. But once they entered Baghdad after the first incursion into it on the 5th they stayed there and fought of swarms upon swarms of Fedayeen, Syrian jihadists, and Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers armed to the teeth with small arms. In fact, units of 3-15 Infantry "China Battalion" were nearly overrun at several Highway 8 overpasses that had to be secured to keep supplies to the tanks in the city moving. With all due respect, many people think that Baghdad was a chipshot to capture, but people don’t really fully understand what our American warriors went through.


I feel that you absolutely have to publish some type of story or Take Command game for people. Anything, so the brave men and women who helped capture Baghdad don’t go unnoticed.

Thank You.

Chad Cotter