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Posted on Jul 24, 2008 in Boardgames

Axis & Allies War at Sea: Task Force preview

By Paul Glasser

Another glaring error is included in the stats and abilities of HMS Illustrious. It was well protected with three inches of armor on the flight deck and four-and-a-half inches of belt armor. However, within the game, the Illustrious also receives the ability “torpedo defense” which is reserved for ships that have anti-torpedo bulges, which it did not have.

The Illustrious participated in the attack at Taranto that crippled the Regina Marina. Combining the skills “expert torpedoes” and “sneak attack” can allow a British bomber to roll up to five dice when making a torpedo attack—with potentially devastating results.


Admiral Hipper and U-66

Another bewildering situation exists in the stats for U-66. Although its top speed is not substantially different from other submarines, which move with a speed of 1, the U-66 inexplicably moves at speed 2. A Type IXC U-boat, it had longer range but not significantly greater speed than the more common Type VII.


A new special ability, “elusive quarry,” will help U-66 slip past the destroyer screen and attack important targets. At a cost of only one additional point, the U-66 will likely be the new undersea killer for most Kriegsmarine commanders.

Admiral Hipper and U-66 stat cards

Despite these oddities in unit capabilities, Task Force includes a number of new units that are important additions to the game. Barracuda Mk. II bombers will give the Fleet Air Arm an aggressive and hard-hitting addition. Beaufighters are a versatile unit, with the ability to strafe, dogfight or launch torpedoes.

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  1. Great article Paul. Though I don’t play WaS (as you now), the system looks very interesting. Too bad I don’t have the time or the money to play both AAM and WaS!


  2. Two quick points:

    The U-66 speed of 2 is errata. It should be speed 1.

    A range-1 attack is really 5,000 yards, if you assume that you’re shooting from the center of your sector to the center of the adjoining sector.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. what is errata?

    And how do people find all the types of games and then get them to test them out to make posts like this? Seems like it would be a big job XD

    Great work tho 😀 I love WAS/TF and AAM!

  4. Its wonderfull site.

  5. Errata are corrections; including deletions or additions to the rules of the game, and /or capabilities of the games’s units

  6. The French actually had a naval air force, the Aeronavale, which operated shore based fighters and torpedo bombers as well as aircraft aboard the carrier Bearn and a seaplane carrier. There is no reason why FRench ships would not have aerial support