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Articles by Johnny L. Wilson

Posted on Aug 24, 2006 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

Savannah – Boardgame Review

The Battle of Savannah turned heavily on the fortunes of war (some of these to be delineated in the historical synopsis). By introducing a “random event” card deck, designer Mark Miklos and developer Andy Lewis, have transformed a relatively static siege battle into an intriguing challenge.

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Posted on Mar 24, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Strategy: The Star and the Crescent

This two-part article was originally published on Johnny L. Wilson’s Blog, but with his kind permission we are proud to bring it to our readers at Armchair General. Part I. is Johnny’s quick review of The Star and the Crescent (ProSIM) and Part II. will investigate some strategy for select scenarios.

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Posted on Dec 19, 2005 in Boardgames

Crusader Rex – Boardgame Review

Designed by Jerry Taylor and Tom Dagliesh, Crusader Rex provides the color and excitement of the Third Crusade in the same way that their Hammer of the Scots provided a fresh perspective on the Anglo-Scottish struggle of the Middle Ages. It is a wooden block game with a card-driven mechanism that offers a fast, fluid and playable exercise that cannot help but underscore the lessons of history.

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Posted on Dec 12, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Gateway Wargames: Top 10 Ways to Recruit New Players

There comes a time in the life of every serious wargamer when opponents are not readily available, play-by-email seems unsatisfactory, and one should not leave the house. At such a time, many a wargamer has wished that it was possible to recruit a new wargame opponent.

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Posted on Oct 11, 2005 in Boardgames

Grand Illusion – Boardgame Review

This game puts a new spin on WWI, has some interesting approaches in its rules, and has a map that takes hexes a size up. It gets good marks for historical accuracy, but a confusing ruleset throws a bit of cold water on an otherwise fine offering.

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Posted on Aug 29, 2005 in Boardgames

Hammer of the Scots – Boardgame Review

This game has found pretty high marks with our reviewer. “A brilliantly designed block game, Hammer of the Scots combines some of the best elements of a card-driven game with that of a block game. See the full review for more.

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Posted on Jul 15, 2005 in Boardgames

Devil’s Horsemen – Boardgame Review

Great Battles of History: Volume X: Devil’s Horsemen features a variety of scenarios and army/counter mixes. It moves beyond its successful predecessors to become a great game by its own design. For a historical gamer, it is a must buy, must play. For the beginner, it is a benchmark to aspire toward playing.

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Posted on Jun 30, 2005 in Boardgames

Battlegroup: 1939-45 – Boardgame Review

Where do the so-called ‘beer & pretzels’ games fit for historical gamers? Do they have any value at all beyond being a substitute for the “real thing?” Lost Battalion Games has introduced a card game that might serve as both substitute for the “real thing” and as an introductory level primer for the military history behind the game.

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Posted on Jun 20, 2005 in Boardgames

Roads to Leningrad – Boardgame Review

Published by GMT Games, Roads to Leningrad is an operational level (battalion level) game covering the early moves of Leeb’s Army Group North as the blitzkrieg advanced toward Leningrad in 1941… Roads to Leningrad offers maneuver, combat and historical flavor without excessive complexity.

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