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Posted on Mar 10, 2008 in War College

Armchair General War College Begins

By Dana Lombardy

Help us determine the starting curriculum for ACG Online’s newest feature

This spring ACG Online will begin offering a selection of audio and video seminars called the War College. This new feature was inspired by the series of talks and presentations that we attended and participated in at conventions, conferences, and round tables in the past years. Initially available as free downloads, these “classes” will eventually be combined by theme into study series and sold on CD or DVD.

ACG staff, advisors, and contributors – including veterans, historians, and game designers – will be the hosts and lecturers for the War College. There are several good programs in the works, but we want YOUR opinions on which “courses” and interviews should be produced first.


There are five series now under development. And when they go live, YOU will get the opportunity to answer or ask questions and provide feedback to every lecture in these series through links on our forums.

1. He Who Hesitates AND Fools Rush In

Explores times when hesitation wrecked any chance for victory (such as the German delays before the battle of Kursk), and, at the other extreme, when a commander’s rush to glory instead produced defeat (as when the larger Roman army was annihilated by Hannibal at Cannae).

2. Myth Busting & Rumor Mill

There are persistent beliefs that continue to confound students of history, such as the idea that the campaign in the Balkans delayed the invasion of Russia in 1941 and thereby ruined Germany’s chances to defeat the Soviet Union (find out why this is simply incorrect).

3. Lost Wars, Forgotten Battles

Little known conflicts may have been more influential than anyone then or now may realize. On the other hand, maybe not.

4. Secret Turning Points

There are decisions made, or not made, that had a direct impact on the development of weapons, and the outcomes of battles and campaigns. However, many of these decisions are overshadowed by the pressure of events, or have been overlooked or simply forgotten.

5. What Would An Armchair General Do?

An interactive series that poses real historical problems and dilemmas, but where YOU get to vote for the possible solutions, then see the poll results and the experts’ feedback.

You can rate these five War College series below and give us your feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for your contribution!